Products & Services

We have a large range of bulk and bagged cement products that are available for delivery or pick-up. Bulk product is available direct from our Port of Brisbane site via tanker truck, or 1 tonne Bulker Bag. Bagged product is available by the pallet from our Port of Brisbane site, or from one of our regional depots.

All purchases, whether via delivery or pick-up, require pre-ordering. New and existing clients should contact our Sales Office to place pre-orders.

Retail sales to the general public are not available.

Our name branded products include:

  • GP Cement: Bulk, Bulker Bag, 20kg Bag
  • Flyash Blend 25: Bulk, Bulker Bag, 20kg Bag
  • Sunlite: Bulk, Bulker Bag, 20kg Bag
  • Sunstate Cement Brickies White: 20kg Bag
  • HE Cement: Bulk
  • SL Cement: Bulk
  • Slag Blend 30: Bulk, Bulker Bag
  • Slag Blend 60: Bulk, Bulker Bag, 20kg Bag*
  • Flyash Blend 40: Bulk*
  • Fine Grade Ash: Bulk
  • Milled Slag: Bulk
  • *made to order

Additional Products:

For your convenience, we also have a range of additional bagged product available for delivery or pick-up.

  • Concrete: 30kg Bag, 20kg Bag
  • Mortar: 30kg Bag, 20kg Bag
  • Post Mix: 30kg Bag, 20kg Bag
  • Rapid Set: 30kg Bag,  20kg Bag
  • Paver Sand: 20kg Bag
  • Bricklayers White: 20kg
  • Imported White: 20kg Bag
  • Hydrated Lime: 20kg Bag

Should you require further information about our products please refer to our list of Publications, or email our Customer Service team.