Our Values


We Believe that all injuries are preventable
  • We aim to achieve Zero Harm
  • We will not walk past an unsafe act or condition without intervening
  • We agree that no task is so important that a person’s safety may be put at risk


We respect all of our stakeholders
  • We communicate openly, embracing diversity and equality
  • We treat people with dignity and act with honesty, integrity and fairness
  • We place the customer at the centre of everything we do


We are goal oriented
  • We are purpose driven to achieve high levels of performance
  • We work to priorities and make timely, fact-based decisions
  • We pursue efficiency through continuous improvement and innovation


We act for the long-term
  • We minimise environmental impact by reducing responsibly and economically
  • We aim to exceed environmental compliance requirements


We work through partnerships
  • We are committed to working together and value one another’s contributions
  • We work together to achieve common goals – not just departmental ones



Our Employee & Customers’ values