Health Safety & Environment

Sunstate Cement Ltd cares about the safety of its people and is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors and visitors. No task is so important that a person’s health and safety may be put at risk.

Safety management is a key activity and we aim to achieve zero injury performance. Sunstate strives for a high safety standard through ongoing workplace consultation and continuous improvement driven by our Workplace Health and Safety Committee, Senior Management team and employees.

Sunstate Cement is a member of the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program. The program, identified by the Queensland Workplace Health & Safety Board as the underlying philosophy for workplace health and safety in Queensland, aims to build a culture of zero harm within Queensland workplaces. The goal of the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program is no harm to anyone, anytime while at work. We fulfil this responsibility through our comprehensive Safety Management System and a strong safety culture among all employees. The design of our logos represent our commitment to safety.

The Sunstate Cement health and safety management system is accredited to AS/NZO ISO 4801.