Product Categorized: Onemix Range

Paver Sand

Our OneMix Paver Sand is made from a fine graded sand, and is combined with our innovative bonding agent mixture to ensure a balanced connection between pavers.

With a flexible yet sturdy finish, the OneMix Paver Sand is the perfect solution for high-traffic areas, providing enough give to reduce excessive wear and tear, and ensure a comfortable tread.


Our One Mix Mortar provides the best consistency for all block and brick projects, with a smooth, workable formula that is easy to apply and shape. When laying bricks or blocks, simply add water to our OneMix Mortar and you have a ready-to-use mix that glides onto brick edges and shapes to your design, whilst excess mix can be easily removed with a trowel and re-used to avoid wastage.


OneMix Concrete is a mix of high quality cement, aggregate and sand formulated to achieve a compressive strength suitable for general concrete applications. This product is a convenient solution for many small concrete projects.

Rapid Set

Our OneMix Rapid Set is our fastest drying formula, made from a special blend of cement, aggregate, sand and additives designed to rapidly harden without any mixing. This quick-setting product is best suited to small jobs that require little preparation, such as setting fence posts, clothes lines and letter boxes.

Post Mix

Our One Mix Post Mix is a perfectly proportioned blend of cement, aggregate and sand especially designed for setting fence posts, logs and letterboxes into the ground. We have created this formula to develop a sturdy yet pliable consistency that can be applied to the area whilst stabilising the pole or log throughout the curing process. This ensures that your work remains level and balanced whilst the product dries and hardens.