Health, Safety & Environment

At Sunstate Cement Ltd. we believe that protecting our people, the community, and the environment is of vital importance. Therefore, we have adopted best-practice policies and procedures across all areas of Health, Safety and Environment to facilitate a safe and sustainable workplace.

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If you would like any further information regarding Sunstate Cement Ltd. Health, Safety and Environment please contact our HSE Manager on Tel 07 3895 9800. To download a Material Safety Data Sheet please refer to our list of Publications.

Health & Safety
Health & Safety Policy[File Size: 143 Kb]

Sunstate Cement Ltd. cares about the health and safety of its people and is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors. No task is so important that a person’s health and safety may be put at risk.

We fulfil this responsibility through our comprehensive FiveStar Management System developed in association with the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA). Sunstate Cement Ltd. is proud to be a FiveStar rated site with over 15 years participation in the NSCA FiveStar program.

Sunstate Cement Ltd. is also proud to be a member of the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program. The program, identified by the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Board as the underlying philosophy for workplace health and safety in Queensland, aims to build a culture of zero harm within Queensland workplaces. The aspirational goal of the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program is no harm to anyone, anytime while at work.

Sunstate Cement Ltd. will continue to strive for a high safety standard through ongoing workplace consultation and continuous improvement driven by our Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) in partnership with our employee Workplace Health and Safety Committee and Senior Management team. Safety management is a key activity and we aim to achieve zero injury performance.

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National Safety Council of Australia
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Environment Policy[File Size: 43 Kb]

Sunstate Cement Ltd. is situated in the Port of Brisbane Precinct, in close proximity to sensitive environmental and marine ecosystems. It is important that our day-to-day activities, in particular dust and stormwater, do not have a detrimental affect on our neighbouring areas.

In keeping with our policy of protecting the environment, Sunstate Cement Ltd. aims to fulfil key environmental standards through consistent monitoring and process improvements:

  • Minimal effects of dust, noise and stormwater beyond the site boundary
  • Containment of all materials by planning work and implementing additional controls, and using facilities provided by the site (e.g., bunding, spill response equipment, etc.)
  • Segregate waste to minimise waste to landfill
  • Report all incidents and near misses immediately

Sunstate Cement Ltd. is required to abide by the environmental requirements set out in the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994 and is required to have approval to undertake its activities. This Environmental Licence outlines the conditions that must be met during operations to prevent/minimise air, water, and soil pollution from site to ensure the protection of the environment.

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Smart Energy Savings Program

Public Committment

Sunstate Cement Ltd. has recently undertaken a Level 2 Energy Audit in compliance with the Queensland Government’s Smart Energy Savings Program (SESP). As part of this process, the following energy savings measure was identified and has been included in an energy savings plan for Sunstate Cement:

Energy Efficiency

Replace existing 400W Mercury Vapour units in Sunstate Cement's Warehouse to more efficient Crystal LED lights.

Estimated Energy Savings per year

An estimated reduction from 36,354 KWh usage per year down to an estimated 9,049 KWh usage per year.